The manik organic story

In 2010 inspired by a beloved grandmother and manifested from a desire to remedy my 7 year old niece’s eczema, I began developing and producing a range of all natural and organic products that targeted the most common skin concerns for my clients. I wanted to use ingredients taken from nature’s own kitchen and tailor make the preparations using age old principals. 

All Manik Organic Apothecary products contain the optimum purity ingredients, ensuring that the highest quality blends are prepared and always acquired from reputable sources using local growers wherever possible. Aiming to keep any negative impact on Mother Earth to a minimum and positive impact to a Maximum, the packaging is minimal and always recyclable.

About Me

I began my career in 1990 qualifying as an aesthetician, masseuse and electrologist at the highly regarded Steiner School of Beauty in Grosvenor Street, London. Initially working in the Bahamas on a cruise ship, the UK for a golf and leisure centre and as a lecturer in a teaching college. In 1997 I opened my first salon and began training a team of therapists for 10 successful years in East Anglia and it was a time of great professional achievement and fulfilment for me. During this time I was also studying the eastern philosophies of health and wellbeing, with much of this study involving travel to Asia expanding massage skills in Shiatsu and Thai styles and the principles of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
Travel and learning are deeply embedded in my DNA.

In 2007 I sold up and began a trip, somewhat of a personal quest, to expand my knowledge, not solely in health and wellbeing, but to find answers to a more deeply personal and spiritual question. I travelled throughout Mexico and south America spending many months immersing myself in the culture and customs, culminating in studying plant medicines, metaphysics, meditation and energy healing in the southwestern highlands of Guatemala. After many years, and wishing to continue my professional development I returned to the UK and worked in palliative care, in one of North-East Essex's leading Hospice's alongside what was an exemplary team of professionals, managing a team of complementary therapists, educating patients, their families and the dedicated medical teams that look after them. 

In 2016 I returned to Mexico and Central America to continue my metaphysical studies. Today, having returned to the UK and based in Manningtree, I support and facilitate deep healing for women and men wishing to fundamentally improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing through a variety of body techniques, reiki and energy work; Providing effective therapies that promote deep healing. The workshops offer a chance to share practical remedies for health & wellbeing management on a broader scale, and the sessions and instruction in meditation facilitates personal growth through self reflection and focus.

Presently I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of working with animals, and in particular horses, and continuing to expand this work with energy healing across species.

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