Manik Organic Apothecary

Inspired by a beloved grandmother and taken from nature’s own kitchen to tailor make skin preparations using age old principals, all ManiK Organic Apothecary products contain the optimum purity ensuring the highest quality blends are prepared exclusively for you and are always acquired from reputable sources, using local growers wherever possible.

Aiming to keep our negative impact on Mother Earth to a minimum and positive impact to a Maximum, the packaging is minimal and always recyclable, with much of it sourced from recycled glassware from the local area.

Presently this website is being updated to make online purchasing available.  Please be patient while this process takes time to perfect.  In the meantime, listed below are the products currently available in our outlets, with more in the developmental stage and coming soon.

For physical health

    • Cleansing Bar £6.50
    • Face Polish £14.00
    • Skin Mist #1 £18.00
    • Face Skin Relief Oil #4 £16.00
    • Face Skin Relief Oil #5 £16.00
    • Body Skin Relief Oil #1 £21.00
    • Body Skin Relief Oil #2 £21.00
    • LipHurts Balm  £7.00  

For emotional, mental and spiritual health

    • Pure Aromatherapy Soy Candles

All candles are priced by weight and dependent on the type of recycled container used. For pricing please inquire directly using the contact form.

  • ManiK Organic Apothecary Natural Incense
  • Purify £11.00
  • Clarity £11.00