Face Tulum Massage

Divination and Energetic cleansing

Tarot – By donation

Activating our sub-conscious mind and representing the four aspects of ourselves; the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, the Tarot have been used by the ancients as a visual interpretation to explaining creation  for thousands of years. In modern day readings, the deck represents experiences in our life, and can be a very helpful tool in obtaining greater clarity and definition with issues and challenges that we may be facing… A reading can take between 30-45 minutes.

Energetic Cleansing – Quoted by the hour, on application

Clearing a space on an energetic level is an art still readily practiced in ancient cultures today. Societies that maintain a close connection to natures’ rhythms understand the importance of clearing the accumulative debris left from negative events or intense emotional and mental combats.
Moving into a new home is a common situation where I would personally recommend performing a cleansing session, a work space that has previously housed any intense experiences, in fact, any space where you require a shift in the ‘feel’ of a place or a change in the perspective of the collective mindset will benefit.