Face Tulum Massage


*Kindly note that discounted rates are offered to residents.

Therapeutic Massage

Beginning with a consultation, a combination of massage techniques, such as, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic, deep tissue and shiatsu are used to give greater flexibility and movement to the body by easing pain, tension and stress in the muscles and soft tissues.  To incorporate the whole body you will need an hour.  For specific problem areas such as the back or lower body then a 30 minute treatment is recommended.  60 minutes – 1000    30 minutes – 600

Indian Head Massage

This is a specific technique performed whilst the client is in a sitting position, concentrating on easing tension in the scalp, neck and shoulders using warmed oil.  Helpful for upper body stress that may be manifesting in the form of pain, overthinking, lack of sleep or migraines.  30 minutes – 600