Reflections & Ruminatings

Spring forward

The equinoxes are directly related to the seasons of the year. In the northern hemisphere, and most cultures, the vernal equinox (in March) marks the beginning of spring. On an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration, therefore the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated.

A day of equilibrium and a time to let go of all that does not serve us and celebrate life, renewal and fertility.

Inspired by the equinox where light and dark of the physical day are equal, we can use this time to tap into that collective energy source and create balance within ourselves. In the body/mind relationship our urinary system directs the controls for balance and consists of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra as well does the lungs and ears.

Water keeps the body alive, vibrant and energised. Are you drinking enough water? Are you cleansing your mind, body and spirit regularly. Are you letting go of negative emotions or are they becoming stagnant in the body, are you holding on to fears and insecurities?…Look at the amount of plain, filtered water you drink. Ideally you want your urine to be a light straw colour at your primary excretion in the morning, the darker the colour, the more water you need to drink during the day.

Take a few moments to pay attention to your breathing…do you breathe in and out equally, is your in-breathe equal to your out-breath? Time it…Most phones have a stopwatch on them so sit comfortably in a chair with a straight back and relaxed shoulders, and simply time your normal in-breath and then the out-breath, if they are vastly different, practice daily in bringing them in line with each other

Our ears take in words and sounds as well as understanding. Do you pay attention to what you hear, do you give equal consideration to your inner voice as you do to those voices outside and around you?… It is only during those moments of silence or quiet reflection that we can truly hear our own voice. Take a few moments to practice sitting in quiet contemplation each day and write down what comes to mind in a journal.

All of the above practices can be utilised just by prioritising a few minutes daily, if you only have 5 minutes to do them, then start with that and build up.